Lewis County Farm Bureau Mission Statement

To provide leadership in representing social and economic interests of Farm Bureau members.

The Washington Farm Bureau Creed

We Believe....

  • In the American competitive enterprise system
  • That man's search for progress should be encouraged by maintenance of opportunity, not hindered by illusions of security.
  • That a person should be rewarded in accordance with his or her productive contribution to society.
  • That every person is entitled to own property, earn money honestly, save, invest and spend as he or she chooses.
  • That property rights cannot be taken away without infringing on rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • That the Constitution is the basic law of the land.
  • That government should operate impartially in the interest of all.
  • That government’s regulatory functions should be based on law.
  • That government should provide only minimum controls and aids.
  • That government should stimulate, not discourage, individual initiative.
  • That propagandizing by government is dangerous to the maintenance of self-government.
  • That monopoly, whether by government, industry, labor or agriculture, is dangerous.
  • That voluntary cooperation is part of the American system.
  • That all candidates for public office should state their beliefs with respect to communism, socialism, or capitalism.
  • All these undergirded by our Religious Faith.

Washington State Farm Bureau Mission Statement

Farm Bureau is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interest of farm and ranch families at the local, state and national levels. By providing leadership and organizational skills, Farm bureau seeks to gain public support on the issues affecting farm and ranch families.

History of WA State Farm Bureau

When asked the question, "What is Farm Bureau?", the first place to look is at the foundation of Farm Bureau – the grassroots. Click Here to read more.